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The International Space Station appears to have captured footage of a UFO "with a propulsion system" accelerating over Earth on its live feed camera.

A video captured during a recent docking on the ISS showed the mysterious craft moving from right to left across the sky.

The object appeared to be round and white – similar to UFOs typically captured from witnesses on the ground.

A YouTuber known as MrMBB333 analysed the footage for his viewers, saying: "There was a recent docking at the international space station and if you look in the background you will see an unidentified object flying from right to left.

"The further left it gets you'll see it accelerates.

“I don’t know if this is the same thing that people have been seeing down on Earth.

“That thing had a propulsion system on it – that wasn’t just some random piece of debris.

“It just takes off, did you see that?”

The creator then left it up to his fans to decide what it was and in the comments and they had a lengthy debate.

One user wrote: "The first 'UFO' gets bigger as it accelerates so gets closer."

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Another added: "That ISS docking video is very impressive. The only question I ask is, 'why can't NASA just be truthful?'"

A third said: "If these UFOs are alien, I hope they know the problems we're having and keep their distance. It's dangerous down here."

But others dismissed the object as nothing more than space debris or ice crystals.

The news comes after Harvard's Professor Avi Loeb reveals that he thinks the flying objects could be artificial intelligence probes visiting the planet from an alien civilisation, following the Pentagon's dramatic UFO report.

"That is required because the distances between stars are very long – you have to behave autonomously – and I can imagine equipment that was put in place by civilisations a billion years ago.

"All you need is one [civilisation] and that is enough to populate the entire galaxy with self-replicating probes with AI."

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