Jaffa Cakes are the most dunkable biscuit to dip in tea, according to research.

A scientific ‘experiment’ dunked 17 of the most popular biscuits into hot water at the average temperature of a cup of tea – around 70C-75C.

Researchers recorded how long, and how many dunks, it took them to break apart.

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The chocolate-covered orange jelly jaffa won the competition – despite many claiming that it is a cake rather than a biscuit.

It survived three minutes and 16 seconds before crumbling, a total of 116 dunks.

It beat the plain digestive – many people’s favourite biscuit to dip in tea – which was found to be the first to crumble. It took just six dunks for the digestive to suc-crumb, a measly 12 seconds.

The posh Chocolate Leibniz was second and took two minutes 20 seconds before melting, and 80 dunks.

The choccie Bourbon was third, taking two minutes 28 seconds; a total of 78 dunks.

The Jaffa easily beat other biscuit favourites such as shortbread, hobnobs, chocolate digestive, custard cream, rich tea, ginger nut and plain digestive.

A spokesman for TopRated Casinos, which carried out the research, admitted the jaffa cake was “perhaps a slightly controversial winner.”

They added that the digestive was the favourite biscuit to dunk in their poll of over 2,000 people, followed closely by rich tea.

How dunkable is your favourite biscuit?

Rank, Biscuit Name, Number of dunks before breaking, Time taken to break

  1. Jaffa Cakes, 116, 3.16 mins
  2. Chocolate Leibniz., 80, 2.20 mins
  3. Bourbon, 78, 2.28 mins
  4. Caramel Digestive, 53, 1.36 mins
  5. Walker’s Shortbread, 40, 1.15 mins
  6. Party Ring, 36, 1.03 secs
  7. Malted Milk, 36, 1 min
  8. Hobnob, 27, 52 secs
  9. Chocolate Digestive, 27, 47 secs
  10. Custard Cream, 25, 47 secs
  11. Rich Tea, 22, 39 seconds
  12. Fox’s Viennese Fingers, 22, 1730 seconds
  13. Jammie Dodgers, 12, 23 seconds
  14. Fox’s Crunch Creams, 7, 15 seconds
  15. Ginger Nut, 7, 15 seconds
  16. Lotus Biscoff, 6, 12 seconds
  17. Maryland Cookies, 6, 12 seconds
  18. Digestive, 6, 11.5 seconds

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