Japan’s most bizarre gameshow is a huge hit – but all it involves is women sprinting up steep hills.

TV Asahi’s Zenryokuzaka has over 3,000 episodes and every single one is the same.

Each show lasts no more than six minutes and focuses purely on the contestant as they run up the street.

A different challenger takes part each time, normally a young actress, media personality or entertainer, reports Soranews.

The simplistic concept has blessed Japanese late time telly every night from Monday to Thursday for a whopping 15 years.

Narrator Mitsuru Fukikoshi starts every episode by saying: “This, too, is a hill that makes you want to run up it.”

Every episode has a different location, from Tokyo to all across Japan.

Some viewers enjoy the urban backdrop and picturesque scenes caught in the camera shots, whilst others appreciate the fitness and athleticism on display.

A number of avid fans also tune in for the final seconds of each episode, for a close up of the out-of-breath athlete sweating and panting.

But recently, Zenryokuzaka saw controversy throughout the country when it decided to introduce its first ever male contestant.

The news that male actor Ryosuke Miura will be sprinting up steep streets some time soon has caused quite the stir.

Female celebrities will still be the focus, the show has announced, but it remains to be seen how die-hard fans will take to the men.

It’s not the only bonkers gameshow in Japan, and the nation is well-known for enjoying wacky series.

One such show is Lizard Attack, which involves hysterical Japanese woman with meat glued to their heads being chased by hungry lizards looking for a bite.

Another quirky Japanese programme is called Find the Chair – where blindfolded contestants are forced to…find a chair while blindfolded.

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