A sick bloke has been arrested after 'slicing his girlfriend into into six parts and dumping them in a well' – and he is also being linked to an even more gruesome crime.

Indian native Prince Yadav was injured by police bullets during his arrest last night (November 20), after he was arrested for the murder.

And it has now emerged that he is wanted in connection of the death of a woman who was found murdered, chopped up with a saw into 35 pieces and kept in a freezer for three weeks.

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Her body parts were later spread across a city near the Paschimi Village, where he was arrested – although it is thought that a different bloke was responsible for the crime overall.

Yadav, who had a gun on him during the arrest, was first found to have killed and chopped up ex-girlfriend Aradhana.

She was found “semi-naked” in a well, and is thought to have been there for around three days according to Police Superintendent Azamgarh Anurag Arya.

The details of the woman cut into 35 pieces are not widely know yet, but it is thought that Yadav's parents helped him to plan the murder of his ex.

He was also allegedly assisted by his cousin Sarvesh.

It is thought that the murder happened because Aradhana wanted to marry someone else, not him.

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Having taken her on a bike trip to a local temple, he strangled her in a nearby sugarcane field with the help of his cousin.

The pair then chopped the body up, packed them in a polythene bag, and threw it into a well, police said.

Shockingly, the head was separated from the body, and thrown into a pond nearby.

Despite Prince Yadav's arrest, his family members are still at large.

Police found the gun, and a sharp-edged weapon upon arrest, and he is now awaiting trial for the horrific crimes.

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