A pilot's cockpit video capturing a UFO "transforming" mid-air has sparked discussions among conspiracy theorists.

The fascinating clip was recorded somewhere over Texas, US, at 37,000ft last week.

Reddit user "OffshoreAttorney" said he received the footage from his best friend, who works as a pilot for JetBlue Airlines, and posted it on the UFO community.

The 30-second footage shows the panoramic view of bright blue sky and thick layers of clouds rolling in the background.

A white spot appears on the horizon for a few seconds and slowly turns translucent before it disappears behind the clouds.

The pilot noted: "Over Texas, 4:20 PM EST, ground speed 500, 37,000 feet.

"Nothing showing on radar for Air Traffic Control and nothing showing on the Traffic Collision Avoidance System.

"We witnessed it for about five minutes at which point it disappeared and then came back. It looked like two boxes melting into each other.

"Actual sighting was spectacular beyond what this video shows. We were stunned."

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UFO fans believed the pilots might have caught a spectacular moment similar to what the US Navy pilot mentioned in the Pentagon Report.

"'Two boxes melting into each other' sounds similar to the 'cube inside a sphere' reported by Lt. Ryan Graves, sometimes explained as some kind of radar reflector," one wrote. "Would love to see this zoomed in and stabilised."

A second commented: "Seems like it might've been a cool sighting based on the description but this video is useless in my opinion."

Some said they struggled to make anything out of the "poor quality video", with one adding: "Do pilots have binoculars in the cockpit?

"Just curious as that would be a good way to actually get a better visual. This looks like a white dot and nothing besides."

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