‘Keep on as I am!’ Britons vow to not make green boiler switch despite £19m investment

Energy crisis: Woman has to starve in order to stay warm

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In a poll of 3,480 people, held from January 21 to 24, a huge 95 percent of voters said they would not ditch their gas boilers and switch to a new heating technology. One reader, calling themselves ‘Professor A W’, said: “I will allow the Government fitters into my house if they wish to replace the boiler at their expense if it ever becomes law. Otherwise, I shall keep on as I am.”

Whilst another remarked: “I’d rather change my MP than my gas central heating.” The results come after a Government announcement that £19.1million will be spent setting up five new heat networks – two in Bristol, and three across Liverpool, London and Worthing.

The heat networks will supply heat from a central source to consumers, like a giant central heating system serving many buildings.

The heat can be produced by large rivers and heat from sewers via a network of underground pipes carrying hot water to homes and businesses.

Heat networks currently only provide heating to two percent of British homes, but the Government is hoping to raise this to five percent by 2050 as part of the bid to reach net zero.

When asked if Express voters support the Government investment, 76 percent said they did not, while 12 percent said they did, and a further 12 percent were not sure.

As it stands, from 2025 gas boilers will be banned from all new build homes across the UK, but homes that already have boilers will not be forced to switch.

One Express.co.uk voter commented: “It is all very well installing heat pumps in new highly insulated homes. However, the cost is prohibitive to do the same in older properties which form the majority of housing stock. It is a non-starter for the majority of house owners!”

Another reader, Patrick Turveydrop, said: “I will replace my gas boiler when it needs replacing. Not for the Government’s latest whim.”

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Some readers questioned the motivation behind Boris Johnson’s green plans, arguing that the UK’s efforts are in vain so long as the world’s biggest polluters are making little effort to cut emissions.

John Smith said: “If we managed to reduce our CO2 emissions it would be completely negated by the ever-increasing CO2 emissions from all the other second and third world countries who are increasing their energy usage.

“Are we too seriously to believe that all these developing countries are going to go green? It’s costing us a fortune, so how the hell would they be able to afford it.”

Discussing the new funding, Minister for Climate Change Lord Callanan said: ”Almost a third of all UK carbon emissions come from heating our homes and addressing this is a vital part of tackling pollution, driving down bills and reducing our reliance on costly fossil fuels.  

“This [funding] will allow thousands of households and businesses to feel the benefits of projects that are breaking new ground and making our villages, towns and cities cleaner places to live and work.”

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