A candidate vying to become Kenya's next president has vowed to solve the country's debt problem with cannabis and hyena testicles.

Reggae aficionado George Wajackoyah will face off against veteran opposition leader Raila Odinga and deputy president William Ruto tomorrow (August 9).

The grave-digger-turned-law-professor is polling at around 2% but could force a run-off if no candidate secures 50% of the vote. Wajackoyah's ability to tip the balance and endorse another candidate gives him influence.

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The wildcard, 62, has captured the imagination of younger voters, many of whom say they are disillusioned with conventional politicians and their inability to tackle rampant corruption, runaway inflation or joblessness.

Wajackoyah's "ganja solution" to Kenya's near $70billion (£57.9bn) debt proposes establishing a medical cannabis industry and exporting animal parts to China – including hyena testicles, which Wajackoyah says the Chinese consider a delicacy.

He said: "I've created a new tribe, known as the ganja tribe.

"These [politicians], they have helicopters, they have money, they have painted cars. I don't even have a single poster."

Wajackoyah is well-known in Nairobi's club scene, which has prompted speculation that his bid is being backed by a bigger campaign to attract the youth vote, with voter registration among young people falling.

He denies this, claiming he's turned down cash offers from other candidates for his support.

His dream, he says, is to smoke up in the president's office.

"We shall go to state house and smoke it around to remove the colonial impurities," he explained.

"We've come in with the ganja solution."

Other policies on his manifesto include federalising the government, renegotiating Kenya's debt with China, throwing out Chinese nationals and hanging people found guilty of corruption.

He also says "you would laugh" at the shoestring budget behind the campaign.

Wajakoyah's supporters have been forced to make homemade posters, and rallies tend to see him turn up to markets unannounced, blaring reggae from his car whilst pitching to onlookers.

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Last Wednesday (August 3) 400 people gathered in Gatundu, around 30km north of Nairobi, to hear him speak.

One, labourer Jeff Mwangi, said: "Every election cycle everybody just comes here with their propaganda.

"If this man can do what he's actually saying… we will go very far as a country."


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