Killer white tiger feared to have escaped as police go after big cat sighting

Big cat footage has sparked panic that an escaped white beast is rampaging through the wild.

Authorities in Gibraltar have launched an investigation into evidence that a potentially dangerous animal is on the loose in the British Overseas Territory.

It is feared what could just be a pet cat caught on camera from a distance is alternatively an escaped tiger with the ability to savagely maul to death local wildlife and humans alike.

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A video taken from across a field shows a white four-legged animal with its tail up in the air slowly tread through undergrowth at the edge of a forest.

GBC News shared the 19 minute-long content on its YouTube channel on Tuesday and has since been viewed 1,600 times.

Miguel Alconchel, the mayor of Los Barrios where the clip was filmed, has confirmed the sighting is not a hoax.

He added it was possible someone had lost a predator sadly caged as an exotic pet in the area.

The Guardia Civil has now deployed a team tasked with tracking the cat down.

Over on Facebook, the GBC News report has been shared by Angry People In Local Newspapers, attracting plenty of sceptical comments.

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One cynic joked: "Ah yes, must be one of those 12 inch white Bengal tigers."

"I've never seen a photo that's more clearly, definitively of a cat," a second commented.

Another said: "Stripes or no stripes would settle this one."

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In November, parts of South Wales were left gripped with fear after a ‘big cat’ was spotted eerily stalking a hillside close to a housing estate.

Locals have since spoken about their own "experiences" in the area, claiming to have been finding strange remains of animals.

Speaking to the Daily Star, one concerned local said: “I’ve heard of big cats being spotted around the South Wales area for a good few years now. I have friends and family who swear they have seen them."


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