The winner of a lying down competition has bragged of his lack of preparation by saying he "didn't even warm up" after claiming the title.

Zarko Pejanovic managed to bag himself the winning spot in the bizarre Montenegro-based competition, in the village of Brezna, outside of the country's second-largest city, Niksic.

Pejanovic, from Podgorica, smugly boasted of his victory to a local news outlet, where he said that the competition wasn't all that difficult.

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He shared some surprisingly solid tactics for those hoping to compete, including how to handle visiting family members, with Pejanovic winning the top spot for lying down after 60 hours of stationary living.

Of his victory, he said: "It wasn't difficult, believe me, I didn't even warm up. When company comes to support the competitors, it's fun, but the biggest mistake is when someone's family comes.

"When someone's family members come, it's hard not to get up."

A total of nine competitors started off the competition, but seven had dropped out by the end of the first day – leaving just Prejanovic and lying down rival Vuk Koljensic battling it out.

The pair went on for another day, but by the third day Prejanovic had successfully bagged himself the title of "biggest sloth".

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The competition was set up to poke fun at the stereotype that Montenegrins are lazy, with a cash prize of £295.80 (€350) for his troubles.

Prejanovic also bagged himself a rafting experience, lunch for two in a restaurant in the city of Podgorica and a weekend stay in the village where the competition was held, The Mirror reported.

So far, the record for longest lying down in the competition goes to Dubravka Aksic, who managed a total of four days and 21 hours lying flat on her back, although a rule change meant toilet breaks every eight hours were allowed.

Event organiser Radoje Blagojevic said at the time: "They are allowed to go to the toilet after eight hours, so maybe it was easier to break the record set two years ago, which was 52 hours continuous lying down.

"They weren’t allowed to go to the toilet. I couldn’t have managed that, so all credits go to them."

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