NASA are expecting the next generation of astronauts to take on the challenge of travelling to the Moon, but the last man to do so warned of eerie sightings during his trip.

Gene Cernan, the last man to step foot on the Moon, claims to have seen a series of "bright flashes" while he and fellow space explorers Jack Schmitt and Ronald Evans made their way to the Moon 50 years ago in 1972.

Despite the sighting of something ominous and unexplained, NASA are heading back to the Moon under the "Artemis Generation" in pursuit of "scientific discovery" and "economic benefits".

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They do so in the wake of the last men to step foot there noting significant "bright flashes" that were spotted in a "rhythmic" fashion.

Concerns over the bright flashes being an engine light were dismissed by fellow astronaut Schmitt, who said that his "commander doesn't think that I can see the engine bell" from his position.

Flight logs revealed Cernan's exact words, where the astronaut was heard saying: "I don't know. They're alike in intensity and pretty regular in the – in the intensity, bright and dim flashes they come out with, and they're widely separated."

Confusion over what exactly the "bright flash" and then a subsequent "dull flash" were had puzzled the astronauts at the time.

But those hoping for contact with lifeforms beyond the stars would be duly disappointed, although there is still the slim chance of extra-terrestrial appearances.

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It's likely Cernan saw part of the S-IVB module, a piece of rocket that had been discarded and may have been reflecting sunlight, causing the flashes.

Rumours of extra-terrestrial contact may have been pushed that little bit further by the transcript audio being used in a Daft Punk track named Contact.

The song, from the duo's final album Random Access Memories, opens with Cernan's quote of seeing a "bright object and it's obviously rotating because it's flashing".

That "rhythmic fashion" was ominous enough for Daft Punk to include it on their Contact track, and it appears NASA are set on sending more people to the moon in the coming years.

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