Russia may have it's own version of the upcoming Pentagon UFO files, after a former Navy commander revealed the country had a committee to investigate unidentified phenomenon – including objects which were seen coming out of the sea.

The Pentagon is expected to release its report on unexplained aircraft seen buzzing around navy ships and fighter jets within the coming days.

It comes following the sighting of a ‘tic-tac’ craft by two US Navy fighter jets in 2004 which has become one of the most famous UFO videos of all time.

The supposed UFO sighting took place in November 2004 involving the battleship USS Nimitz and video footage of the event was widely circulated on social media.

And a similar object is one of several sightings revealed by former Commander-in-Chief of the Soviet Navy Vladimir Nikolayevich Chernavin, a former officer of the Soviet Navy, its last Commander-in-Chief and the only Commander-in-Chief of the Commonwealth of Independent States Navy from 1991 to 1992.

The incredible claim was made by the former naval boss during an interview with Khaled Al-Rushd for RT Arabic

During the interview, Chernavin said: "A squadron of Soviet submarines in 1945, and then a US Navy one in 1947, were severely attacked by flying saucers while trying to gain access to underground caves in Antarctica."

But that's not the only UFO spotted by the Russian Navy.

Chernavin added: "There have been hundreds of such reports. I saw this phenomenon, including when I was captain of the submarine during our time in the Atlantic and the Caribbean, I clearly saw a flying object over one of our Soviet positions appearing in various forms, but mainly in the form of a round hat.

"It was especially glowing, this light was changing, but the dish was moving at a tremendous speed, then it would stay hovering in one place and disappear immediately to appear in another place, and then dive into the water and disappear from view, and after a while it came out of the water but in another way, we were watching like this phenomena, as I saw it, the extraordinary phenomena cannot be ignored."

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Following the sightings, the former commander-in-chief revealed a committee was formed to analyse the bizarre objects.

He said: "A committee of this kind was formed. Especially since it was formed, I knew that the Americans had such a committee as well, and the decision was taken to collect and analyse this information in the military field for the first time from my side."

It wasn't until September 2019 when the United States Navy confirmed the authenticity of the 2004 video, saying they are still unable to explain the object, identifying it as an Unidentified Aerial Phenomena.

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The Pentagon is expected to release its report on unexplained aircraft seen buzzing around navy ships and fighter jets as one official says "there are a lot more sightings than have been made public"

An unidentified flying object resembling the “Tic Tac” UFOs spotted by US Navy pilots based on the USS Nimitz in 2004 has been spotted over the UK in recent times.

Lucy Jane Castle, from Hinckley in south-west Leicestershire, managed to grab a snap of the unexplained object before it shot away at high speed.

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