Reddit users are split on whether you should give up your pre-booked train seat to an elderly passenger – but we want to know what you think.

A woman has sparked a debate online after she refused to give up her seat on a seven-hour train journey from London to Aberdeen for an elderly lady.

Taking to the ‘Am I the A**hole’ forum, Redditor u/Optimal_Promotion879 claimed she booked a space in advance and was given a ‘priority seat’ on boarding.

Priority seats are situated at the start and end of each carriage and designed for people with mobility issues.

She explained that she had paid for a more expensive first class seat because it was a long journey and wanted to use the time to do some work.

The user had also just returned from a two-week business trip, so was also feeling “exhausted”.

But shortly after boarding the train, she was confronted by an elderly passenger who pointed at the ‘priority seat’ sign and told her to move.

The Reddior wrote: “I told her I'd booked the seat and she'd need to speak to a member of staff to find her one. She pointed out that the train was full and there were no other seats. I apologised but reiterated that I'd booked the seat and wasn't going to move.

"Eventually, a train guard came over to try to help. The lady had booked a return ticket, but she hadn't reserved a specific seat.

"For those who don't know how trains work, if you have a ticket but haven't also booked a seat reservation, it means you can travel on a train, but you aren't guaranteed a seat unless there's one available."

The guard then asked if either of the women would move to standard class for a seat, but the Redditor refused to budge.

She reached out to the online community to check whether she'd done the right thing, but do you agree with her decision?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Let us know in the comments below if you would give up your pre-booked seat for an elderly passenger.

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