Life after death: Expert discusses research into topic

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Many dismiss the idea that there is such a place as Hell, where retribution for past sins is handed out. It is often argued by sceptics that the devil and his subterranean empire are purely figments of the human imagination. Yet one man claims he went to Hell and back, revealing the remarkable journey in a book that has sold over one million copies and become a New York Times bestseller.

In a conversation with Christian broadcaster TCT Network, Bill Wiese relived his terrifying experiences of his Hell-bound trip.

Awaking one night in 1998, the devout Christian made his way to his fridge to get a drink.

Unbeknown to him, his soul was about to descend into the infernal abyss of Hell.

He claims that his spirit became detached from his body and was transported through a long tunnel into the terrifying underworld.

Mr Wiese allegedly landed on the floor of a prison cell, where he was struck by the intensity of the heat.

“There were stone walls, bars it was more like a dungeon – a filthy, stinking, smoke-filled dungeon,” he recalled.

He continued: “The heat was so unbearable, I wondered how could I be alive. Why am I here, how did I get here?”

The author recounted how he was mercilessly tortured by blasphemous demons, who directed a torrent of hatred towards himself and God.

In an interview with Fox News presenter Sean Hannity, Mr Wiese elaborated further on his 23-minute journey to Hell.

“I saw this big pit of fire,” he said.

“There were hundreds, maybe thousands inside this pit burning and screaming.

“The screams were deafening. You are physically exhausted in hell.

“You are in total fear and complete darkness.”

The devout Christian does not care whether people believe his story.


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He told Mr Hannity the most important thing was that the public believe God’s Word about the horrors of eternal death.

“The Lord simply wants me to point people to the Scriptures,” he said.

“Churches aren’t talking about the Scriptures that talk about hell.

“I’m just a signpost to point people to those Scriptures.”

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