Life after death: Woman recalls ‘being bathed in light and love’ and says she met God

Life after death: Expert discusses research into topic

A near-death experience is a profound psychological event with mystical elements. It typically occurs in people close to death, or during situations of intense physical or emotional pain. Common characteristics people report are feelings of contentment, psychic detachment from the body (such as out-of-body experiences), rapid movement through a long dark tunnel, and entering a bright light.

Crystal McVae, a mother-of-two, was admitted to hospital for a routine procedure.

However, she went on to develop pancreatitis and became seriously ill.

Her condition deteriorated to the point that she was pronounced dead for nine minutes, as doctors desperately battled to resuscitate her.

Crystal went on to describe an amazing spiritual journey, where she met God in heaven and realised the power of his love.

She described how she was surrounded by a bright light which completely overwhelmed her as she felt the intensity of God’s presence.

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Crystal told The 700 Club: “The light came to me as if I were in the middle of the tunnel yet it went on for eternity.

“I remember being so at peace and so bathed in this light and in this love

“I didn’t see a face, I didn’t see any features other than this beautiful light.

“And words like amazing, and perfect and beautiful they fall so drastically short I couldn’t get enough of him, I could not breathe enough of him in.

“I could not get close enough to the light and the light was all over me.”

As she travelled with God down a tunnel towards the gates of heaven, Crystal saw a small child ahead of her.

To her amazement she realised she was seeing herself as a three-year-old child.

“She wore a bonnet on her head and she had a little white basket in her hand,” she said.

“I watched her pick her basket up and dip it in the light.

“She would scoop it and dump the light out as if it were water and the light would cascade out of the basket and she would throw her head back and she would laugh.


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“And every time she laughed and every time she moved my spirit began to swell as though there was a balloon with love.”

Crystal eventually heard her mother calling her and decided to return to tell her mother that all was well.

God told her to “tell them what you can remember”.

Crystal said: “I remember calling back ‘I’ll remember everything and I will be right back’ and I looked down through the floor of this tunnel of heaven and it was as if I was looking at a million shimmering diamonds and the instant I noticed those diamonds like substance I was back in my body.”

She would go to make a full recovery and left hospital eight days later.

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