‘Little bigfoot played with camper’s car before 10ft dad stormed over’

A curious bigfoot family had a keen camper cowering in his tent after he claims to have watched a "10ft beast" beat his chest.

An incredible sighting of the so-called Monster of Monroe County has been reported by Beasts of North America author Andrew McGrath.

In his research, Andy uncovered a vivid witness account from 2018 by a man who says he locked eyes on not one but two Sasquatch when camping with his girlfriend in Monroe County, southern Indiana, US.

After hearing footsteps he thought was another camper up to mischief, the witness said: "I heard the door handle on my Nissan get pulled in so I came out of my tent pretty quickly and pretty aggressively, but there was nobody there.

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“This has been going on for just 15-20 minutes now and I'm starting to feel a little nervous. So, I go back in the tent, but this time I adjust the rainfly a bit, so I can see outside and try to catch a glimpse of whatever it is that I keep hearing.”

Catching something neither human or known animal was the last thing he expected to spot.

The man continued: "It didn't look or move like anything I'd ever seen before. I continue to watch from inside until it moves out of sight and I bolt back out of the tent to try and see what it is?

“I run in the general direction I saw it go, it but it's gone. As I'm standing next to the tent shining the light in the woods, I realise I'm looking at a large figure and it's walking straight to me. I did not believe in Bigfoot until that exact moment in time.“

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"I spin around in a panic and dive back into the tent and zip it up. The figure was roughly 30ft away when I saw it and I can hear his footsteps smashing the frozen ground, as he’s coming right to the tent.

“He walked up to the back corner of the tent, stood over it, grunted, hit his chest and growled at me. I was frozen!.This thing was massive. I'm confident at least nine to ten feet tall and a thousand pounds.

“As he's intimidating me and I'm lying there frozen; the juvenile that started all of this was sniffing me, right next to my head.

"Their silhouettes were clear in the moon light as they stood over the tent, the big male’s shoulders seemed as wide as I am tall. I'm not a small man, but next to this thing I was tiny.

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“This was when he started making strange noises at the juvenile. It was a very parenting tone and he spoke in a series of clicks and pops with his tongue.

“I knew he could crush my spine with minimal effort but decided not to. He felt that my cowering in the tent was enough."

Commenting on the case, Andy alarmingly revealed: "I hear so many amazing Bigfoot encounters and this one is not as unusual as one might think.

"A curious juvenile being shadowed or watched over by an adult that stays hidden, but watching at a respectful distance, while the juvenile explores."

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