Living Nostradamus to use paranormal gifts to solve crime like ‘Sherlock Holmes’

A self-proclaimed prophet, known as the ‘Living Nostradamus’, says he is ready to use his paranormal gifts to help fight crime.

Athos Salomé says that the paranormal has always been linked with mystery, magic, and the occult.

The Brazilian seer claims that it also plays a prolific role in the highest political, religious and economic summits of the planet.

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Police forces across the globe have, on occasion, consulted with psychics and paranormal investigators to help unravel their cases.

Salomé claims he wants to follow in the footsteps of Arthur Conon Doyle’s infamous detective Sherlock Holmes, and use his gifts to aid forces.

He also cited hit TV shows such as Psych, The Mentalist, Medium: the paranormal and, more recently, Maggie: the psychic – which he says highlights the uses of paranormality.

The paranormal investigator said: "What few people know is that paranormality, even though it is not yet considered a science, is a field that has its own studies and research, which guarantee the integrity of the professionals who work in this area of knowledge”.

He added: "In real life, there are several proven cases in which mediums and investigative paranormals have helped the police to unravel crimes that at first seemed insoluble,".

Currently, the investigator divides his time between the study of the occult and the Kabbalah and helping people who need to clarify difficult situations.

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Salomé believes it is “only a matter of time” before he also works with his local police force.

He added that there have already been opportunities to help, but he has refused due to the “prejudice against using the paranormal as a science to help elucidate crimes".

Salomé, who has been placed among the 10 greatest paranormals on the planet, continued: "Behind every fiction, there is a mystery, conscious or not, you just have to pay attention and discover the reality behind the secret messages".

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For the paranormal, "the pineal gland, which is considered in the occult as the 'Third Eye', can show us and take us to surreal and extrasensory dimensions", he explains.

Salome is keen to further state that science knows these abilities and the 'activation/opening' of the Pineal Gland can make changes never seen with the naked eye and put the secrets of 'science' into play.

"The Pineal Gland is a link between man's consciousness and the invisible worlds of Nature, meaning the interdimensional portals cannot be accessible to everyone. Only the prepared, those who have expanded consciousness, can enter another dimension, as this can be risky and without return.

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Salome further explains that this ability or gift, as well as psychography, spiritual drawings and many other techniques, are widely used in the elucidation of crimes and in support of police investigations.

He ends by saying that the "inter-dimensional portals are the pineal gland of the earth, connecting the known to the unknown.

“This, if well used, could bring great advances to humanity. But once in the wrong hands, it can cause space/time chaos.”

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