A medium dubbed the “Living Nostradamus” has starkly warned that the “dominator” of AI technology will “bring coldness” to the world.

Athos Salomé, a Brazilian psychic, predicts that AI will end up causing people across the world to never be able to settle, forcing “frequent ups and downs” on humanity.

The Living Nostradamus also predicted that whoever this “dominator” ends up being will have “the power to cause financial and emotional instability and unwanted changes in daily life”.

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Salomé also believes that the world will see a huge number of scientific and technological “revelations” that will answer many of the mysteries surrounding the human mind, seemingly referring to the rise of OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Google’s soon-to-be-released AI chatbot Bard.

He said that the issue is “so important” that elites have funded AI projects like ChatGPT, given how much AI is increasingly becoming more integrated in our daily lives.

ChatGPT has already become massively embedded within society, with a Brazilian judge earlier this month admitting to using the AI chatbot to inform his ruling on whether an autistic child’s insurance should cover all of the costs of his medical treatment.

The Living Nostradamus has a track record of correctly predicting massive world events, including that Argentina would beat France in last year’s World Cup, the Queen’s death and even the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Worryingly, Salomé also warned that the tech world’s obsession with the Metaverse could cause conflicts to become more frequent, adding: "This will be a type of escape from the social environment in which this 'dominator' inhabits, creating the new dimension".

Despite Salomé’s dire warning, it doesn't appear that the Metaverse is going away anytime soon.

Business consultancy McKinsey & Company revealed that the tech world had spent more than $120 billion on metaverse development in 2022.

Tech website Gizmodo reported earlier this month that Meta, Facebook’s parent company, alone was spending an eye watering $1 billion a month on its Metaverse project.

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