Loch Ness Monster hunter saw mystery creature ‘shoot from water like torpedo’

A monster hunter who has lived alone on the banks of Loch Ness for more than 30 years has shared the closest he's got to proof Nessie exists, and says he'll thsays he has no regrets and is willing to die there in order to prove Nessie exists.

When Steve Feltham turned 28, he decided to pack in his day job and set out to fulfil his lifelong dream of finding the mythical Loch Ness monster.

After selling all his possessions, Steve bought a mobile library van and outfitted it for his hunt, before parking up on the banks of the Loch in late 1991.

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And amazingly, he's been there ever since.

Now 59, Steve has lived over half his adult life as a hermit, spending each day gazing out at the sullen, black waters of the loch.

Speaking to Daily Star, he revealed the best "sighting" he ever had, saying "The closest I ever came to proof was many years ago back in 1992.

"At around 11am in the morning, something shot through the water as if it had been fired from a torpedo.

"All I could see was a spray of water or whatever it was. It couldn’t have been the salmon, which is our biggest fish here. In my noviceness, I just froze and it was gone.

"I should have photographed. I thought, if that happened in my first year I’ll see it again at some point – but I’m still waiting to this day."

Steve admitted his passion for finding Nessie has consumed his life.

He said: "I hold the world record for hunting Nessie. I’ve kept watch at the Lock since June 19 1991, so 31 years in total.

"I always came here in my spare time, I was obsessed with it. Eventually, I decided what I really wanted to do with my life was come to find the Loch Ness Monster.

"My ambition is to photograph a sighting.

"I’m going to stay here until I get the proof, that’s my life’s work. I need to prove to myself it’s real. This is something I need to get closure on."

Steve has never had any children and was only recently married, however, he still lives alone at the Loch and his wife is not involved in the hunt.

He explained: "We still live separate lives, we’ve been together so long apart, it’s a perfect relationship really."

As you might expect, hunting a monster that's never been seen isn't straightforward.

And over the course of his 31 year residency, Steve's managed to distill the hunt to an effective, if unexciting artform.

He said: "Most days if the weather is good I have breakfast outside and watch the water.

"Really that’s it as far as the planning goes. I compare Loch Ness to the Champs Elysee – everyone’s going to turn up at some point.

"If at the end of the day nothing happens, I pack everything away and that’s still a perfect day.

"Opportunities come along at points to go out in boats with sonar, but I’ve explored it all time and time again.

"I use an underwater drone, but the water is too peaty to see anything. It’s futile to dive there as the water goes down 750 feet."

Undeterred by his lack of sightings, Steve, who funds his lifestyle making Nessie models, has kept vigil all these years and has come to the realisation that whatever it is he's hunting, isn't what many assume Nessie is.

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He said: "When I arrived full time I was definitely looking for long necked Plesiosaurs in here. Over the years, I’ve worked out that there aren’t long-necked dinosaurs in here.

"I would sit on the fence as to what it will turn out to be. All I know is it’s one of the world’s greatest mysteries.

"We know we have something in here that’s far bigger than the fish.

"Sonar has shown that there are things down there the size of a transit van that justifies explanation."

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