Lonely hearts deserve more respect as Jesus was also single, Church says

Jesus Christ, son of the big man upstairs, was single according to the Church of England who confirmed the lonely lifestyle in a bombshell statement.

Their statement comes as they draw parallels between Jesus of Nazareth and those yet to settle down with a partner and also not practicing celibacy.

It appears their statement was made in the hopes of bringing about a little more respect for those who have yet to find themselves coupled up with someone else.

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A statement from the Church of England hopes to identify the reasons behind being alone and hopes to "honour" those living singular and non-celibate lifestyles.

With the 236-page report now out there, the Church of England has been told to not "regard [singleness] as lesser than living in a couple relationship" as Jesus was single.

The report from Love Matters, commissioned by the archbishops of Canterbury and York, was the third in a series of three reports made on housing, social care and relationships.

Love Matters' report read: "Singleness can be a deliberate choice – sometimes the right partner has not been found, and sometimes separation, divorce or death has resulted in the loss of a partner.

"Inevitably, singleness does not necessarily imply celibacy, although this is the choice some single people in faith communities make."

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Following on from the report, which said that "Jesus' own singleness should ensure that the Church of England celebrates singleness", a recommendation was made to the Church of England.

It concluded: "The Commission believes strongly that single people must be valued at the heart of our society.

"Jesus' own singleness should ensure that the C of E celebrates singleness and does not regard it as lesser than living in a couple relationship. Loving relationships and being able to give and receive love matter to everyone."

How the Church of England responds to the findings is yet to be announced, but the Love Matters report was specifically asked for from leading members of the Church.

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