The world's "hardest-to-reach" toilet is set to hover above the River Thames next week.

The Loo with a View is inspired by cleaning brand Domestos' new 360 Degree Power Foam and takes its promise of "killing germs in hard-to-reach places" literally, sending Londoners 100ft into the air for their next wee.

Those taking part in the free experience will be rewarded for their efforts, however, as their trip to the bog will feature panoramic views of the capital including popular landmarks such as the Shard, the Gherkin, and the O2.

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Claire Racklyeft, Domestos Home and Hygiene Category Lead UK and Ireland, said: "The Loo with a View attraction is as disruptive to the London skyline as the new Domestos Power Foam is to your household cleaning routine.

"We wanted to celebrate the product’s global launch with a world-first like no other, showing how our latest innovation will elevate the toilet cleaning experience to new heights.

"The Loo with a View showcases how Domestos Power Foam can kill germs in those hard-to-reach places by putting a toilet (and our consumers) in one of the hardest-to-reach places in London – up to 100ft over London’s iconic Thames."

The unusual WC opens for one day only above Trinity Bouy Wharf on Thursday, March 30, and is free to visit – but you'll need to sign up.

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Attendees will be hoisted into the air before being able to use the remote lavatory and will also be treated to a brief lesson all about the history of the toilet.

Domestos' event partner in the venture, Greenwich-based sky-high dining company London in the Sky, said: "The number one question we get asked at our events is 'but how do you use the loo!?' So, this was a fun way to address that question with the launch of Domestos’ 360 Degree Power Foam.

"We hope that consumers have as much fun as we have had when they experience The Loo with a View for themselves."

Sign up for the event here, and learn more about Domestos' new products here.

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