Lucky bloke wins £25k a year for life on lottery due to random number generator

A very lucky man has managed to win £25k every year for life thanks to a random number generator.

Aaron Essenmacher, from Michigan, US, correctly matched five white balls on the September 15, 2022, Michigan lottery.

But he didn't predict the numbers by himself.

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The 50-year-old, who bought the tickets from a party store called Happy Days, explained: “I’ve been playing Lucky For Life quite a bit lately and I always use the same sets of numbers.

“When I purchased my ticket, I played the sets of numbers I typically play and then I decided to add another set of numbers which I got by using a random number generator I found online.

“I was checking the winning numbers online the day after the drawing and when I saw I’d matched five, I couldn’t believe it!

“What shocked me even more was that the numbers I won on are the ones I got from the random number generator. I kept scanning my ticket on the app over and over again because I couldn’t believe I’d really won!”

The bloke has taken his winnings as one giant £350,000 lump sum, rather than taking it every year for 20 years – or for life if you live longer.

He told local news he is going to spend his winnings on bills and taking a holiday.

And it only cost him about £1.50 to play.

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The lottery he played is called Lucky For Life and gives players a chance to win prizes ranging from £2 to a lifetime of cash.

To win, you must match all five winning numbers ranging from 1 to 48, plus one Lucky Ball ranging from 1 to 18.

Players who match all five winning numbers, but not the Lucky Ball, like Aaron, will win £25,000 a year for life.

The top prize is £1,000 per day for life.

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