An urban explorer who believes in ghosts has filmed a spooky noise in an old mansion he reckons sounds like a phantom saying "show yourself ".

In the clip, recorded at Woolton Hall which was built in 1704, paranormal researcher Elliot Ward looks around the dilapidated manor house, which has peeling wallpaper and damaged oil paintings.

The 34-year-old thinks the footage shows a strange shadow drifting across the room as well as a strange whispering sound, Liverpool ECHO reports.

In the video posted on his Nothing but Elliot YouTube channel, he suggests a disembodied voice is saying: "May you show yourself to me?"

Where the shadow was, he says he heard a voice whispering a single word — "consolidation."

Elliot, from Halewood, told the ECHO: "I didn't hear the first whisper when I was there, but after I walked over to where the couch was I heard the little whisper.

"I didn't stay in that part of the building for very long and I'm not usually scared.

"But this time I moved on so I asked myself why did I leave so quickly?"

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He adds although he believes in ghosts, he says he also is skeptical and looks for common sense explanations – but in this instance, he could not think of a rational theory for the sound.

Elliot said: "I saw a ghost when I was younger so I've always believed in the paranormal.

"But I'd always look for an explanation before I end up at the paranormal.

"I can't explain how it could be anything else on this occasion, I don't know how anything else could make the noise that sounds like those words.

"I was scared, excited, and confused when I heard the voices."

The Grade I listed manor house has been falling into disrepair and vandals have been leaving litter inside, according to Elliot.

In another video, he showed himself cleaning up some of the mess inside and out.

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