A man has sent his neighbour a stern message after catching her leaving dog poo in front of his home.

Ashley McKay, who prides himself on the front lawn at his Adelaide home in Australia, got fed up and decided to send the droppings back to the dog owner in an envelope.

In the video he posted on Facebook, a woman is seen stopping by his house by the road while waiting for her white pooch to do a number two.

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The woman stands on the pavement, holding the leash as her pet searches for a spot on the lawn.

She then leaves without picking up the poo.

"When you let your dog s*** on my lawn, you get a special gift in the post," Ashley wrote in the post and attached a photo of his revenge to the neighbour.

He had scooped the dog poo and popped it in an evelope, to which he addressed it to the neighbour: "To the owner of the little white dog, this belongs to you!"

He then walked over to the woman's house and left the package in the mailbox.

"She certainly hasn't been back past not from what I've seen. I'm thinking she will avoid the street altogether," Ashley added.

"Something had to be done and I figured that was the nicest option."

The homeowner also told local media that pet owners should be responsible to clean up their pet's waste.

He explained: "People leaving dog turds at the front isn't exactly what we want.

"I figured why not pick it up myself and hand deliver it to her and then she can dispose of it that way.

"Obviously I managed to scoop up what the dog had left behind from yesterday, put it in an envelope, and I have dropped it in the letterbox of the lady in question."


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