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An elderly couple spent ten years hoarding mountains of rubbish for their 40-something son who refused to leave their house and find a job.

75-year-old Gwangju turned his two-storey house into a tip full of tonnes of rubbish he gathered from the street and trash cans.

The elderly man filled every inch of the property and even covered the balcony and garden.

The pensioners are worried that they will die soon and their son will have no one to support him, Seoul Broadcasting System reported.

“My son just likes to stay at home, he doesn’t go out to find a job, and that worries us. I’m just afraid that my wife and I will die soon, and will be left with no support, so I decided to store more things at home, and then more and more. The more, the better,” Choi said.

He added: "Anything, as long as it’s used properly, is useful, and trash is just a misplaced treasure."

All of the family were forced to sleep in a small room due to the rest of the house being filled with junk – even the hallways.

The couple's son reportedly weighed over 100 kilograms and hadn't left the house in over a year, never leaving the one tiny room where the family were forced to reside.

Choi says he was the only reason for collecting all the junk.

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When South Korean media came to visit the family for an interview, they reportedly had to climb over towering bags of rubbish and experienced shortness of breath from the stench.

But somehow the family of three put up with it for a decade.

Recently doctors suggested that Choi's wife lives in a cleaner environment to help her newly diagnosed heart problems, which caused the 75-year-old man to reluctantly agree to close down his home tip.

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It took 226 volunteers and an excavator to clear the 150 tons of rubbish that had taken over the family home for ten years.

After seeing his home clean for the first time in over a decade, Choi reportedly began to cry.

“For the sake of my wife’s future and health, I will never pick up trash again," he said.

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