Maniac drives tank around neighbourhood scaring neighbours in disturbing footage

In many parts of the US, it’s commonplace to see people carrying guns in the streets.

But even the unflappable people of Florida draw the line at a tank.

The apparently street-legal armoured vehicle is owned by a man living in the sleepy gated community of Old Cutler Road., in Palmetto Bay, a little way down the coast from Miami.

The shocked residents complaining that the tracked beast that’s been smashing up their kerbs is a “military-style” tank – to avoid any confusion with the perfectly-normal civilian-style tanks we’re all used to seeing on our roads.

Amateur video taken of the vehicle suggests it could be a current FV107 Scimitar or possibly an FV101 Scorpion, a light armoured reconnaissance vehicle that saw service with the British Army through the 70s and 80s.

While the Scorpion was never used by US forces, although it was exported to a wide range of other countries from Botswana to Iran.

The Scorpion had a 76mm L23A1 gun, and a 7.62mm L7A1 machine gun. To be compliant with current US law, both guns would have to be disabled for civilian use.

Even without its main armament, the ten-wheeled terror can still do a lot of harm.

Footage taken by outraged residents shows several comprehensively wrecked kerbstones where the vehicle has turned around.

Local resident John Gonzalez, who has lived in Palmetto Bay for nearly 30 years, told CBS News: “I’m sure that it can’t go over a kerb without destroying it.”

He added: “Is his purpose to what, intimidate or just show off, probably just to show off but I would have to disagree with that if I get a vote I’ll vote against it."

Another local, James Woodard, says the sight of the armoured monster is particularly disquieting with America currently more divided than it has been in over a century: “It’s unusual to say the very least,” he said, “but at the present state of political event’s it’s concerning”

The owner might be better off sticking to Call of Duty in future.

How would you feel if one of your neighbours bought themselves a tank, even a little one? Let us know in the comments below

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