Masked sex toy thieves steal £71k worth of products from factory

The operation reportedly took place at 11:41pm on Wednesday evening, reported local media.

Chief Executive Officer for the company, Mario Romero Molina, said the gang made straight for the gold-plated vibrators, each worth around £14,265 (€15,901).

As well as the golden vibrators, the thieves also stole the plain steel dildos. These can cost between £1,783 (€1987.58) and £2,675 (€2981.93) a piece.

Alongside the merchandise, local media reported that the gang also stole £22,290 (€24873.50) in cash from a safe.

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Security cameras operated by Dreamlove reportedly recorded the presence of three masked intruders breaking into the factory as a fourth could have been guarding their getaway car.

Local news outlets report that the vehicle was parked next to some trees in a “rural area” near the factory, situated in a place known as Logistics Park.

This is the third time Dreamlove has been hit by thieving intruders in two years. Two similar robberies hit the building two years ago.

It is not known if those two robberies are linked to the one most recently perpetrated.

CEO Molina says the toys stolen will be very hard for the thieves to sell on the black market as they are rare and easily recognisable.

From its base in Spain, Dreamlove sells its products around the world as far away as the United States, Hong Kong, and South Africa.

Recently, the company made around £16million and invested in robotic facilities for its warehouses.

The investigation into the robbery is reportedly ongoing.

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