A huge, featureless blob found on the beaches by a dog walker who described the object as wobbling "a bit like a big fat jelly" has left experts stumped.

Helen Marlow, 50, spotted the featureless mass on Marazion beach, Cornwall, while she and her husband were holidaying at the tourist hotspot.

But coming across a "white, fleshy-like" substance on their walk has left the pair a bit irked to say the least, with experts just as confused as the dog-walking duo, The Mirror reported.

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There were also reports of seaweed wrapped around the ominous blob-like creature, with a "long piece of white rope" spotted in places by Helen.

She said of the blob: "I was walking my dog along the beach when I spotted an unusually large, white object on the sand.

"It appeared to be a white, fleshy-looking substance. It had no definite features such as limbs but appeared to be one mass. I couldn't bring myself to touch it but I did try to move it with my boot and as I did so it wobbled a bit like a big, fat jelly!

"Seaweed was wrapped around it. So was – what I assumed to be – a long piece of white rope, slightly frayed in places. I felt really curious and baffled as to what it was exactly."

She said blob was around one-and-a-half metres in diameter and some 30 to 40cm thick, with Helen stating it neither smelt nor showed any sign of previous damage.

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Dog-walker Helen added: "I just couldn't recognise it or compare it to anything I had seen before. All I could be sure of was that it was definitely organic matter and I assumed it had come from the sea. I had absolutely no idea what it was."

Not even expert Rob Deaville, project manager for the UK Cetacean Strandings Investigation Programme, had any idea, saying: "It’s difficult to say from these images alone.

"In my opinion, they look like the fragmentary remains of stomachs or an intestinal tract. The species – and even the broad taxonomic group – is not clear unfortunately.

"Maybe it’s a large cetacean species, or possibly a basking shark; but I know the latter is perhaps less likely given the time of year. But we do routinely receive reports of fragmentary remains of animals during each year."

Helen, who had consulted a Facebook group after finding the blob and was told it may be a whale placenta or even a weather balloon, said she was "honoured to have seen this creature and really keen to discover its origin and species".

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