Billy Connolly plays harmonica for his dogs

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Paddy the dog and Torty the Siberian tortoise proved they can be very compatible as owner Paul Carroll from Litherland in Liverpool, discovered. The odd animal duo came to be after Torty’s original owner couldn’t afford to take her pet when she was moving house two years ago.

Neighbour Paul decided to adopt the reptile but was unsure of how 13-year-old Paddy would react to their new housemate.

Describing his pug as “a bit lairy” to begin with, the pooch quickly became fascinated with the tortoise by jumping up on the couch and watching for hours.

The 41-year-old gradually introduced the pets in order for them to get used to one another as he did not want them to be frightened of each other.

Paul said the pair are now “no bother at all” and is confident in leaving them together all night.

To see how Paddy would react to Torty up close, Paul decided to place his tiny friend next to the sleeping canine, with the photos showing a rather bemused looking pug.

Speaking about his pets unlikely friendship, Paul said: “If the tortoise is about somewhere, Paddy will find Torty and they’ll just play.

“When I say play I mean the tortoise will look at him and Paddy will jump all round (Torty).”

It is unknown where the tortoise is male or female but what Paul does know is that his pets love playing together for hours on end.


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