Metal detectorist chances upon box of naughty mags with pages ‘stuck together’

A bloke with a metal detector found more than he bargained for after stumbling on a box of old porno mags.

Dean Pugh, 54, was hoping to set upon ancient treasures while out in Bromsgrove with his son Owen, 26, and a detector kit.

But the pair, during a search of nearby local farmland, found treasures of a different kind.

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The pair found a retro collection of porn magazines – and yes, they claim that some of the pages were “stuck together”.

Dean, who found the pile first, had initially hoped he'd spotted something historic or interesting – only to be confronted with the saucy mags.

The plasterer said: “If you find a hoard they can go into millions of pounds – but the funniest hoard I've ever found is my porno hoard.

“I think it's either some young lad who has had to dump his stash because his parents found out or a perv in the woods.

“We were just hunting one day and I saw this load of colour staring at me. It dazzled me.

“I thought it was a pile of magazines that had been dumped – I don't like people dumping rubbish – but on closer inspection I said: 'Owen! Come and look at this!'

“They were awfully damp, they had been left out in the weather, no doubt. We ended up rolling them up and hiding them in a rabbit hole.”

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But Dean, who is an experienced treasure hunter, has found many odd things over the years.

From rubber sex toys and discarded women's underwear to dumped marijuana, he has made some eye-opening finds.

But the porn collection has now seen him inundated with offers from people wanting to buy the collection – offering as much as £100 for his saucy find.

However, he ended up rolling the mags up and hiding them in a rabbit hole.

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Under the Treasure Act 1996 Code of Practice there is a presumption that any reward for found relics will be split between the landowner and the detectorist.

He said: “When you're out on that land after a hard day's work and you're hunting, you just swing away and wait for a signal.

“If you get a signal you don't know what you're going to find – I've found gold coins, ancient hammer coins, gold rings.”

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