Meteors, cyborgs and a zombie apocalypse – what Nostradamus predicted for 2021

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Famous prophet Nostradamus made seemingly thousands of predictions for the future in his book Les Propheties more than 465 years ago and a startling number have already come true.

The Frenchman was born in Saint Rémy de Provence, southern France, in December 1503.

He would go on to write a series of 932 quatrains – four line poems – which contain thousands of predictions for the future of humanity.

Nostradamus' predictions are said to reach as far as 3797, but he has already foreseen with startling accuracy the rise of Adolf Hitler, the assassination of JFK and the 9/11 attack among other events of huge historical importance.

But what do his prophecies suggest lie in store for us in 2021?

A zombie apocalypse

“Few young people: half−dead to give a start.

"Dead through spite, he will cause the others to shine,

"And in an exalted place some great evils to occur…

"Fathers and mothers dead of infinite sorrows,

"Women in mourning, the pestilent she−monster:

"The Great One to be no more, all the world to end.”

As if 2020 hasn't been bad enough with the coronavirus pandemic, Nostradamus hints heavily at the rise of a "great evil" disease that renders sufferers "half-dead".

This "pestilent she-monster" of a plague will cause "all the world to end", he wrote, and leave "fathers and mothers dead of infinite sorrows".

So… maybe 2020 hasn't been that bad after all?

Fans of the Walking Dead might enjoy the next 12 months though.

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A global famine

“After great trouble for humanity, a greater one is prepared,

"The Great Mover renews the ages:

"Rain, blood, milk, famine, steel, and plague,

"Is the heavens fire seen, a long spark running.”

Another prediction that seems to suggest 2020 might have actually been a warm up act, Nostradamus says "a greater trouble is prepared" for us all in 2021.

He goes on to list "rain, blood, milk, famine, steel and plague".

Now, while none of these sound massively enjoyable, the biggest threat is almost definitely famine. And it might already be coming true.

Earlier this month, the UN warned of a "catastrophic global famine" set to engulf the world in the wake of coronavirus next year.

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Solar storms and a meteor strike

“Condom and Auch and around Mirande,

"I see fire from the sky which encompasses them.

"Sun and Mars conjoined in Leo,

"Then at Marmande, lightning, great hail, a wall falls into the Garonne.”

A solar storm is caused by a huge emission of sudden radiation from our sun.

Scientists predict big enough flares could severely impact wireless technology across the Earth, or, as our favourite 16th Century French prophet has it "a fire from the sky which encompasses them".

The same passage describes a "great hail" from the sky which causes a wall to fall. This could well be a meteor or asteroid strike.

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AI robots launch a revolution

“The Moon in the full of night over the high mountain,

"The new sage with a lone brain sees it:

"By his disciples invited to be immortal,

"Eyes to the south. Hands in bosoms, bodies in the fire.”

The rise of artificial intelligence technologies is nothing new, but 2021 might just be the year things spiral out of humanity's control.

Nostradamus' writings tell us the "new sage" of AI tech, who humans will have "invited to be immortal" will rise, and the entire episode will end with "bodies in the fire".

This really isn't that far out of the question.

In an exclusive interview with the Daily Star this very month, one leading AI expert warned that artificial intelligence "needs to be controlled to stop populations being manipulated".

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An earthquake rocks America

“The sloping park, great calamity,

"Through the Lands of the West."

One of the more literal predictions in Nostradamus' writings, the French prophet reckons a "great calamity" is set to befall "the Lands of the West."

His reference of a "sloping park" suggests some kind of earthquake or landslide and, with the high rate of tectonic faults and tremors throughout North America, it seems fairly likely that is what is referred to by "Lands of the West".

Again, recent evidence suggests Nostradamus may be on to something here.

Back in mid November the US' western state of Nevada was rocked by its biggest earthquake in 66 years, whilst a huge 7.5 magnitude quake prompted tsunami warnings across the coast of Alaska in October.

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Cyborg soldiers

"The newly made one will lead the army,

"Almost cut off up to near the bank:

"Help from the Milanais elite straining,

"The Duke deprived of his eyes."

"Newly made" soldiers "deprived of their eyes" will have the current elite "straining" throughout conflicts in 2021, Les Propheties claims.

This could well be a reference to the massive innovations being made in battlefield technology at the moment, including "throwable" robots , AI jet fighter pilots and robo-suited infantry.

Speaking at the World Congress on Information Technology in Armenia in October 2019, Richard Clarke, a former US counter-terror national coordinator, admitted such exo-suited cyborg soldiers were only a few years away from becoming a regular feature in modern warfare.

And in November of this year, General Sir Nick Carter, the Chief of the Defence Staff, predicted that robot soldiers could make up as much as 25% of Britain's armed forces by 2030.

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The death of a world leader sparks WW3

“In the city of God there will be a great thunder

"Two brothers torn apart by Chaos while the fortress endures

"The great leader will succumb

"The third big war will begin when the big city is burning”.

Many have read Nostradamus' warning of "two brothers torn apart" as a suggestion that "the third big war" will begin between two allied countries, but one thing that's made clear is that it all kicks off after the death of a "great leader".

There are of course any number of world leaders who may be at danger here, but with catastrophic global conflict set to be kicked off by their demise our most likely bet would be Vladimir Putin of Russia or North Korea's Kim Jong-un.

Putin has, in recent months, been the subject of numerous rumours about his health, including that he has been diagnosed with cancer and allegedly plans to step aside in January.

Kim Jong-un meanwhile spent much of 2020 out of the spotlight entirely, fuelling months of rumours around his own death during the height of the coronavirus pandemic.

And, as two nuclear nations, Russia and North Korea would be prime candidates to play a leading role in any World War Three that kicked off in 2021.

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