Mia Khalifa says she is ‘willing to kill’ over a particular sweet treat

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    Former Pornhub star Mia Khalifa has revealed what one sweet treat she is "willing to kill for".

    The Lebanese-American OnlyFans model is back in America – Miami specifically – following a stint in Europe that saw her holidaying in both Paris and London.

    It would appear that Mia has wasted no time in tracking down her favourite dessert in the US, and shared a video of the snack on her Instagram Story for her 27.7million followers to enjoy.

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    She appeared in the driver's seat – of what was hopefully a self-driving vehicle – using a plastic fork to gorge on a slice of cheesecake placed on her lap.

    However, it wasn't just any old cheesecake.

    She wrote on the post: "I've never met a basque cheesecake I wasn't willing to kill for, but this one I'm willing to die for."

    Basque cheesecake differs from New York cheesecake in that it's cooked at a much higher temperature.

    This results in a crispy, caramelised top and bottom, whereas the centre becomes far more creamy.

    Basque cheesecakes also don’t have a crust, giving them a similar feel to a mousse.

    The desert originates from a cafe in the resort town of San Sebastian in the Basque region of Spain, where in 1990 chef Santiago Rivera embarked on a mission to bake a new, experimental cake every day.

    Luckily for those in Miami, Mia tagged the bakery that made the cheesecake she was tucking into – Fisbrûler Cheesecake.

    The top line of their Instagram bio reads simply: “The best basque cheesecake.”

    This comes after Mia ruled herself out of dating a legendary US sports star, saying that he gave her "the ick".

    She shared a screenshot from a betting website which featured her on a list of potential new lovers for NFL quarterback Tom Brady.

    It came after Brady announced his divorce from his wife of 13 years, Gisele Bundchen.

    Mia wrote: "They're taking bets on who Brady will date next. I'd go ahead and take Zach Wilson's mom and myself out of contention as we both have the ick from that 49.5 QBR."

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