Mia Khalifa wows fans with glam air stewardess transformation on luxury flight

Ex-Pornhub legend Mia Khalifa has donned a glamorous stewardess outfit while on a trip to Milan, Italy.

Apparently enjoying herself, she wore the distinctive red headgear as seen on glamorous Fly Emirates flight attendants.

The jet-setting star is never in one place for long and is frequently seen in Europe's most fashionable cities.

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She also is also seemingly something of an Anglophile, having made a number of trips to London, and more surprisingly, seaside towns in Kent over the past year.

Recently, the Insta star celebrated her 30th birthday in what has already been a very interesting life.

She emigrated to the United States as a child before becoming the most searched for porn model in Pornhub's history in her early 20s.

Mia has spoken out about the dark side of the porn industry, and called for reform in the sex work industry.

But she is also famed for her more light-hearted antics, such as when she dressed up in a penis costume while at the beach in the UK.

The Lebanese-born American also recently delighted her stoner fans by showing off a ring designed to hold a joint.

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Recently, Mia spoke of the horror of having to “watch out for serial killer snipers” while going to school after the Washington D.C. sniper attacks.

The supermodel moved from Lebanon to the US with her family in 2001, but just a year later, murderers John Allen Muhammed and Lee Boyd Malvo spread panic when they embarked on a killing spree.

Khalifa's family had by that time moved to Maryland, where eight of the 15 sniper attacks took place.

Khalifa quote tweeted a social media post which said: “Dc sniper was really smoking people at random for 3 weeks straight and they didn’t close school not one damn time.”

She added: “No for real, we went to school everyday with the warning to “watch out for stray bullets” ??????????????? That Wizards rebrand makes more sense every day.”

John Allen Muhammed and Lee Boyd Malvo killed 17 people and injured 10 others during their sick killing spree, which targeted civilians between February and September 2002.

The pair then spent three weeks picking off targets with a sniper rifle in October of the same year before being caught.

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