Mortified mum gets stuck in baby swing for an hour as firefighters free her

A mortified mum who was stuck in a playground baby swing for over an hour said she "wasn't really thinking" when she got into the piece of playground equipment.

Leala Vanbest, from Southend in Essex, was hanging out with friends and her daughter at the local park when she decided to have a go on the swing.

However, when she tried to get out following a 10 minute swing, she discovered she was stuck.

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Leala first tried to free herself, and then with the help of friends and strangers, but the 22-year-old would not budge.

A call was made to the fire brigade, who sent out four firefighters who arrived within 10 minutes, complete with sirens and lights on full blast.

The firefighters had to dismantle the swing after unsuccessfully trying to pull her out of it.

They first removed the swing from its chains, then took off the base before turning the bars so Leala could wriggle her hips through the diagonal gap.

Leala, who works in customer services, said: "I was stuck there for about an hour – it was very, very funny.

"Everyone was looking and laughing, and then when the fire engine arrived people started opening their doors to look too – I just couldn’t stop laughing.

"The firemen just kept cracking jokes too.

"I don’t know why I even got in the swing, I just walked over to it, and I wasn’t really thinking."

Leala said that it "really hurt" when people were trying to pull her out and that she has "some bad bruises" on her hips as a result.

She added: "It was good to be free again, but there were loads of kids with only one swing left."

Leala isn't the first woman to find herself stuck in a hard place following an unwise decision.

In 2022, a "boozy" 40-year-old woman got stuck head first behind a sofa at restaurant Twelve Twenty Five in North Shields after a bottomless brunch in an attempt to retrieve her friend's jacket, reports the Daily Star.

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