A mum was spooked after claiming to have seen creepy "baby handprints" mysteriously appearing in her hospital room.

Mary, from Arizona, US, took her daughter to the paediatric ward of the hospital a few weeks ago but quickly became convinced that a "baby ghost" was following them.

She said soon after they were taken to a room, she saw two tiny handprints "appearing" on a wall as they were waiting for the doctor.

In a series of TikTok videos, Mary said: "We were sitting there talking when we noticed these baby handprints on the wall.

"They just appeared out of nowhere. They were not there before. We immediately moved rooms."

Her daughter then places her hands next to the markings to show they don't belong to her as they are completely different in size.

When Mary asked the doctor to change to another room, she was told that "this wasn't the first time".

But that's not all, in another clip the terrified mother shows some blue crayon marks just above the metal plate on a door.

She said: "These blue crayon marks just showed up on a door and the bathroom flooded. They moved us to a third room.

"That night before I felt someone play with my fingernails."

At that moment, Mary believed they were being followed by a "baby ghost" who doesn't want them to be in the room.

Some eagle-eyed viewers spotted the towel on the floor moving and asked if Mary's daughter was pulling it.

Mary replied: "No I didn't see it until you point it out!

"I had a panic attack after all this happened, I did feel some sort of electric energy on my foot. It was so weird."

Others were terrified after watching the clips as they commented they "do no claim any negative energy from the video".

"This makes me sad but scary," one said. "That poor baby! Stuck in that hospital. Should be dancing in the clouds."

A second added: "I would have left the hospital right away."

But some brushed off the theories of paranormal activities in the hospital.

"That definitely looks like mould. Certain humidity or temperature change making it appear." a viewer suggested.

Another wrote: "No such thing as ghosts or spirits. Kids have grubby hands and the hospital hasn't washed the wall."

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