‘Muscular’ goat sparks Bigfoot rumours as video shows animal roaming in mountain

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    A wild video left people stunned when they saw an exceptionally muscular goat roaming in a mountain.

    The six-second clip raked in millions of views just hours after it was shared on Twitter, where the user simply captioned: "Huge muscular mountain goat seen in forest."

    And as what it was described, a white, furry wild animal emerged from the bush, searching for food just metres away from the wooden deck where the cameraman was filming.

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    It has a distinctive thick layer of woolly coat, a short tail and black horns.

    The camerman kept a safe distance from the goat and watched until it walked away and disappeared behind a tree line.

    The video prompted comments relating to the mysterious mythical creature Bigfoot.

    One said: "Looks like he ate all the small goats."

    Another penned: "And you're telling me Sasquatch ain't real?"

    "That's not a mountain goat, that's the mountain GOAT (greatest of all times)," a third wrote.

    And a person joked: "Homies been doing mountain climbers and only mountain climbers."

    "It's half goat, half Yeti," one suggested while one shocked viewer commented: "For a second I thought I was looking at a werewolf."

    The mountain goat seen in the video is commonly seen in mountainous area of western North America, like Alaska.

    The herbivores spend most of their time grazing and can climb up to an altitude of 4,000 metres above sea level.

    Meanwhile Bigfoot hunter Thomas Marcum hit out at people who disclaimed the creature as bears.

    The believer told Daily Star: "I have documented hundreds if not thousands of tracks and spoken with hundreds of witnesses.

    "I can easily distinguish between black bear tracks and Bigfoot tracks.

    "Some sightings may be misindentifications but to make a blanket statement like 'Bigfoot is just a bear on its hind legs', that is reckless and idiotic and takes away from a real phenomenon."


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