‘My dead husband’s spirit visited our baby boy in the night to comfort him’

A woman has claimed the spirit of her dead husband visited their baby in the middle of the night and offered a "soothing" experience.

TikTok user Whitney Allen says her baby is being haunted by the deceased father, with the spirit alleged to have been comforting their child.

The now viral video racked up over 8.5million views following on from when it was first posted on December 9, with users utterly stunned at the alleged apparition.

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Allen offered up an explanation of what she believed was an interaction from beyond the grave, detailing the tragic death of her husband and the subsequent ghostly appearance.

She said: "When I was 12 weeks pregnant, a preliminary ultrasound showed that the baby had a large cystic hygroma behind his neck.

"I believe that somehow Ryan traded his life for his son’s. Forever solidifying Ryan’s connection with his son as his guardian angel and protector."

Plenty of users heaped comments onto the video, which shows footage of Allen's son seemingly comforted by the spirit of late father Ryan.

One user commented: "I truly believe in these kinds of things and it's so touching to see. Your son and husband are forever soul tied."

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Featured in the video was an "orb" on the head of the baby, which Allen believes is actually the spirit of her late husband, comforting their child, Dexerto reported.

Another caption explained the ultrasound further, with Allen adding: "Ryan reassured me that despite the odds that Leo (who we had already named) would be perfect. I wouldn't understand till later why he knew in his soul that this was true."

Allen also detailed the tragic loss of her husband, saying that a "severe allergic reaction to a bee sting" left Ryan in "cardiac arrest, causing an anoxic brain injury" which "he could not recover from".

Another user said of the sighting: "He's there with you and his boys. The baby looks aware too, his little foot taps. I wonder what he was feeling/seeing."

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