‘My neighbour keeps texting when they see me in the garden’

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A woman has told how her neighbour has made her feel “very uncomfortable” by messaging her when they spot her gardening at the back of her house.

She says the comments amount to a running commentary on what she’s doing and claims the neighbour also takes spare wood from her land “without asking”.

Taking to popular parenting forum Mumsnet, the anonymous woman explained: “To begin with, they (singular) were friendly and it was nice to get to know them because they live next door. However as time as gone on, they’ve done things which make me very uncomfortable.”

According to the woman, the neighbour sends “invasive texts about what they can see in our garden and our living room”.

They also text her a “commentary of us while we’re in the garden”, adding, “to be clear, they are not in the garden at the time”.

According to the woman, they will text things like “good job on the tidying,” “why have you moved the compost bins to hide the chickens” or “shouldn’t you be sowing seeds now?”.

The woman says she wants more privacy, and told the neighbour she wanted to put up a higher fence, which she said wouldn’t be a “light issue” but “would mean they would no longer have free access to our garden or our animals”. When she told her neighbour, they got “upset”.

After a recent argument about poultry, the woman explained: ” They sent a litany of insults to my husband and blamed me for everything, which include the fact that I’m cold and it’s like I’m talking to a brick wall because I don’t send long friendly text messages in reply to their seven messages they send a day nor do I give more than a cursory hello in the garden.”

Fellow forum users were very sympathetic to the woman, with one person saying it went beyond “annoying” and well into “creepy territory”.

Another advised: “Block their number. Do the fence now, if you can’t afford it this is definitely worth getting into debt for. They sound nuts.”

A third added: “You can be friendly towards them but you need your space and they shouldn’t have taken the wood without checking first.”

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