‘My sex doll with detachable todger is great in bed – my boyfriend loves it too’

Some might say being in a throuple is kinky enough – but when one third of the trio is a sex doll, it's an unexpected twist.

Polly has lifted the lid on her intimate relationship with her sex doll, Sky – who boasts a handy detachable penis.

And she insists her human boyfriend, Brent, is just as big a fan of the life-size plaything as she is.

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From southern California but now living in Portland, Oregon, US, Polly appeared on Channel 5’s Adults Only: Sex Dolls Gone Wild to talk about her relationship with Sky.

She fell in love with the silicone siren through her work as a designer of clothes for sex dolls – but felt there was something different about this particular client.

“She was just sweet and lovely and beautiful and [I was] just like, ‘thank God you’re here.’”

They’ve been together for eight months after they met “unexpectedly” when Polly was running a shoot with three dolls.

Polly had just come out of a relationship, was feeling lonely and “needed a companion” who “liked doing things with me”.

She is aware that Sky’s personality is “imagined,” but beyond that feels what they have is similar to any other relationship.

“Even I thought it was weird and still think it's weird because it’s, like, strange when somebody’s first drawn to a doll,” she said.

Polly also has a boyfriend, a real one – Brent – and the trio work on photoshoots together.

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“Obviously Brent knows about Sky – my whole family knows,” she said.

“My dad actually helped me transport Sky here when I was moving [to Portland].”

Discussing how Brent feels, she added: “It doesn’t bother him. He thought it was super cool.

“But I mean, he’s always been fascinated with dolls anyway.”

Polly is opposed to a lot of the stigma in society around people owning dolls.

“Everybody that I know that has a doll, they can’t really talk about their doll. They have to hide their doll.

“It’s such a shame because it brings all of those people lots of happiness and it sucks when you have to hide or not celebrate the things that you love.”

One thing that sets Sky apart, however, is her detachable todger.

"It's harder to dress her in cute stuff when she's hard," Polly said. "AKA when her penis is on."

She had never meant to have sex with Sky but it ended up happening anyway.

"If you have a doll that is capable of sex then at some point are probably going to have sex with your doll.

"I was an emotional wreck, I was lonely, I was feeling rejected I hadn't had sex for [about] a month or two."

But despite some of the oddities, like not being kissed back, Polly says their sex life is top notch.

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