Mysterious disc-shaped cloud baffles internet and compared to ‘UFO mothership’

Footage of a cloud formation shaped just like a " UFO mothership" has left conspiracy theorists buzzing when it was shared online.

In the video, recorded in Santa Clara, California, a solitary white cloud hangs motionless in the sky.

Bizarrely, the cloud has a smooth disc-shaped bottom with a roundish cap on top making it look similar in appearance to the classic flying saucer from Sci-Fi movies.

The clip was uploaded on YouTube on December 31 by user @mavi 777 who shares videos of odd-looking things filmed in the sky and shots from Google Earth satellites on his channel.

Conspiracy theorists were convinced it was a UFO and shared wild ideas in the comments section below the clip.

One believer wrote: "That cloud is definitely a UFO.

"That idiot should have zoomed out too."

Another truth-seeker said: "Wow, clouds that look like a mothership… but let's just call it a mothership straight up."

Someone who claimed to live in the area commented: "Omg I live just over the Hill from Santa Clara and I've seen these super illuminated clouds recently, that look different than the rest… and they look like that first one but with more ambiguous shapes. Fascinating."

More skeptical, another viewer wrote: "It's a lenticular cloud, interesting nonetheless but only a cloud.

"We don't get to see those where I live. The sky is pretty boring."

Lenticular clouds, or "lentil-shaped clouds", are usually formed over mountains or hills which disrupt airflow and form areas of turbulence.

They are often mistaken for flying saucers, like in these stunning

in Russia.

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