Mysterious ‘UFO’ spotted floating in the sky before vanishing baffles locals

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    A mysterious floating object which appeared to fly through the sky for several minutes left onlookers thinking it might be a 'UFO'.

    The bright light was spotted hovering across several districts of West Bengal, India on Thursday (December 15), with footage being shared on Twitter showing the luminous object in the night sky.

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    Some local UFO buffs claimed the sight was of an alien ship, while others reckoned it was a satellite, with one resident saying: "It is very close,” with another commenting: “Doesn't it look like a UFO. The light has vanished."

    Initially, officials were just as concerned and launched an investigation into what could have caused the phenomena.

    However, the light is now believed to be the result of rocket testing by the military from the nearby Bay of Begal.

    India TV reported that the object was likely an intercontinental ballistic missile – known as an Agni-5 -which is capable of speeds of up to 3,100mph.

    The media outlet noted that the Indian military last tested an Agni-5 back in October 2021.

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    It came weeks after an unexplained black ring was spotted in the sky above Sentosa, Singapore, in the evening and illuminated the city with a strange glow.

    Commentors had a lot to say about the strange appearance, with suggestions is was a UFO sighting.

    However, some thought this theory was too outlandish and suggested that there was a much more realistic idea – birds in a migration pattern.


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