Mysterious ‘UFO’ triangle of lights that left pilot gobsmacked captured on film

New footage has emerged of a shocking trio of lights that left a pilot saying he’d “never seen anything like his in my life”.

The footage comes amid a spate of unnamed aerial phenomena sightings from planes in the USA.

The footage, released to the Liberation Times by journalist and filmmaker Jeremy Corbell, shows glowing objects that left a veteran aviator scratching his head.

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It was taken by the pilot, who the Liberation Times says has over 28,000 hours of total flight time over 40 years, as he flew his kite over Colorado in October of 2022.

Discussing what he saw, he said: “I have been a professional pilot for over 40 years with over 28,000 hours of flight time.

“I have never seen anything like this in my life.”

Taken aback by what he could see, he decided to film the event through the cockpit window.

He continued: “The whole event started about midnight eastern time in the Colorado area.

“We were heading west at 35,000 feet going around 540 miles per hour.

“I then saw this falling star, which didn’t go across the sky but came vertically straight down just to the right of the big dipper at an unbelievably high speed.

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“Immediately afterwards, the craft appeared. I saw this one glowing craft moving up and down repeatedly. Then my co-pilot said, “holy s*** there’s two of them”.

“There was one bright one and another which was dimmer, and as the hour went on, they started getting brighter.”

He claimed that a second light repeatedly disappeared and reappeared and that the lights appeared to be coordinated with each other, remaining in the sky for more than an hour.

He felt that, due to their lack of movement, they couldn’t be satellites: “Satellites and the space station move in the sky.

“These didn’t move for 500 miles. They didn’t get bigger or smaller. They were so high and appeared not to be in our atmosphere.”

A third light then appeared: “The large craft stayed in one spot as the other two started moving around.

“The video shows them in a triangle which lasted about 20 minutes. We were then given a new heading and lost sight for the remainder of the night.”

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