Weird videos recorded by three different people on the same night show an unidentified cube flashing in the sky with a fantastic range of colours.

The footage, which has left sky-watchers baffled, was shared on the YouTube channel MrMBB333 where it was watched more than 43,000 times.

Each clip shows what appears to show a square-shaped object flash very brightly in a multitude of colours from yellow, blue, green, and pink.

The first video was shot by a woman called Melissa in Lake Huron, Michigan, the second by a man called Trey in Colorado Springs, and the third in Chigaco by an unnamed person.

All three videos were recorded in the early hours of the morning on October 26.

The YouTuber says the object is "not making a sound" and is not a plane or a helicopter but supposes it might be a strange type of drone.

Many people in the comments said they had been seeing the same object and wondered at what it might be, with some suggesting it could be a star.

One commented: "I witnessed the same lights in Maryland last night.

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"It would dim itself then get extremely bright, it would repeat this process every few minutes."

Another user wrote: "I have seen the same spinning light in the nighttime skies (among other things) for years it looks like a GIANT multicolored Christmas reef, look at it through a pair of binoculars it will really have you scratching your head…"

"I see those cubes almost every night in WV [West Virginia]," wrote someone else.

A fourth viewer shared: "The light appears to be the star, Sirius.

"That night there were super high winds in the upper atmosphere that will cause the star to flicker in multiple colors and oscillate.

"Some of the halo effect looked like it was the camera's video compression."

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