Baffling dashcam footage has captured a huge flash of blue light brightening the night sky and instantly knocking out the power – just hours after a meteor exploded.

The eerie video was captured by Andrew Symonds as he exited the M5 motorway heading south at junction 12, to the south of Gloucester.

In his clip, a bright blue flash lights up the sky and, almost immediately, the traffic lights he is approaching are knocked out.

“What was that?” a stunned Andrew asks behind the camera as the way ahead is plagued in darkness.

As he slowly makes his way around the roundabout, a second blue flash is seen lighting up the sky.

According to the timestamp of the footage, the incident happened at 10.24pm on March 1.

Just a day before, a huge meteor exploded over the north of Gloucester in a fireball that could be seen as far away as the north of England and Dorset.

Mr Symonds said as he continued on his journey, he noticed that the power in the area was knocked out in the surrounding area, including the nearby McDonald's restaurant at the next roundabout with the A38 in Hardwicke.

"What was this?" he asked. "Was it a power surge, a meteor or something else? Did anybody else spot this?"

According to Gloucestershire Live, sources of the mysterious lights could be the main Bristol to Gloucester railway line.

It runs north to south parallel to the M5 a couple of miles to the west, or further in the distance to the south west towards Oldbury-on-Severn and is a key part of the National Grid's power network.

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