Naked man arrested after being filmed ‘having sex with tree’ during UK heatwave

A man has been arrested after he was allegedly caught on camera stripping off and having sex with a tree in broad daylight.

Footage captured by stunned onlookers appears to show a man kissing and rubbing against the stump in Queen Elizabeth Gardens public park in Salisbury, Wiltshire on Tuesday, June 13.

In the video, a man can be seen taking off his shorts and shirt, leaving him completely naked, before performing what appears to be a sex act during the hot weather.

A witness who filmed the bizarre encounter was heard laughing and shouting: "What the actual f**k is going on? Is he f**king the tree? What is going on?"

It is said there were around 25 people in the area in Wiltshire at the time enjoying the heatwave.

One witness said: "I was just walking in the park with one of my mates and we saw a man hugging a tree and thought it was interesting.

"We walked closer and as we did, we saw his trousers down and thought this is pure gold. That’s why I started recording and he just started taking off all his clothes and kissing the tree.

"After I stopped recording, the police turned up and started following the man around then arrested him.''

A spokesperson for Wiltshire Police said: "A man in his 40s was arrested on suspicion of indecent exposure yesterday after officers were called to Queen Elizabeth Gardens shortly after 4.30pm following several reports from members of the public regarding a naked man.

"He was taken to custody and has been released on bail while enquiries are ongoing."

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