One of the few men to step foot on the Moon once claimed that humans are actually “ancient aliens”.

Al Worden also said, during a bizarre interview on ITV's Good Morning Britain shortly two before he died in 2020, that we came to earth on “little ships from elsewhere”.

Worden, who was part NASA's Apollo 15 mission alongside David Scott and James Irwin in 1971, was part of the United States' fourth manned mission to land on the Moon.

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He spent 12 days in space, but just 39 minutes and seven seconds on the lunar rock.

But speaking about aliens, the moon and whether or not there is life out there, he told host Ben Shephard that we humans are actually the aliens.

He said: “We are the aliens, but we just think they are somebody else.

“But we are the ones who came from somewhere else, because somebody else had to survive, and they got into little spacecraft then they came here and landed, and they started civilisation here.

“And if you don’t believe me, go get books on Ancient Sumerians and see what they had to say. They’ll tell you right up front.”

His claims two years ago actually back up what UFO expert Anna Whitty told the Daily Star earlier this year.

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Speaking ahead of the release of UFO documentary Roswell 75: The Final Evidence, she claimed that humans are aliens, and that aliens have always been here, but we've been looking in the wrong place the entire time.

She said: “I do think they've always been here.

“It is more likely that aliens come from somewhere under the sea or caves or something like that, rather than another planet.

“It makes sense, because there's a lot of evidence on the planet that there has been a massive cataclysm every few thousand years.

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“If humans on the surface are being reset to the Stone Age every several thousands of years, and these people are somewhere where they are more protected because they are underground, then perhaps their development in technology and intelligence is continuing on an upwards trajectory whereas we're reset.

“It's also possible that maybe they aren't beings at all, but they can make you think you're seeing what you're not seeing.”

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