NASA’s exercise to see if you can survive on the moon – see if you can pass it

A simple test for anyone wanting to be an astronaut has been revealed – and you can do it from home in about five minutes.

For many, the thought of travelling to space is nothing more than a pipe dream.

And unless you want to go through several years of training, or pay Richard Branson or Jeff Bezos a ridiculous amount of money for a commercial space flight, then you'll probably have to make do with just sitting at home.

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However, if you think you'd be excellent at travelling around the universe, then a simple test designed by the boffins at the University of Texas, but used by California State University and the University of Alaska Fairbanks, could give you a glimmer of hope.

The test is comprised of one question – and one question only – and is comprised of putting 15 specific items in order of importance.

The question reads: “You are a member of a space crew originally scheduled to rendezvous with a mother ship on the lighted surface of the moon.

“However, due to mechanical difficulties, your ship was forced to land at a spot some 200 miles from the rendezvous point.

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“During reentry and landing, much of the equipment aboard was damaged and, since survival depends on reaching the mother ship, the most critical items available must be chosen for the 200-mile trip.”

It is then up to you to decide which of the below items is most important, ranking them from 1 to 15.

  • A box of matches

  • Food concentrate

  • 50 feet of nylon rope

  • Parachute silk

  • Portable heating unit

  • Two .45 calibre pistols

  • 1 case dehydrated PET milk

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  • 2 hundred-pound tanks of oxygen

  • Stellar map (of the moon's constellation)

  • Life raft

  • Magnetic compass

  • 5 gallons of water

  • Signal flares

  • First aid kit containing injection needles

  • Solar-powered FM receiver transmitter

We won't spoil the answers, for you, but they can be found here.

Let us know how you did in the comments section below.

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