Curiosity, the NASA rover abandoned on Mars, has since discovered the "best" and "clearest" evidence so far of water being on the planet.

Recent discoveries made on the Red Planet have shown that rippled rock textures and formations could have been caused by water as experts were expecting that region to be much drier.

But instead of those drier settings in areas known for their "sulfate-bearing unit", NASA officials were surprised to find themselves staring at evidence of water's existence on the planet.

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It comes as the area of discovery is believed to have been left behind when water on the surface of the planet was dried up.

Since then, a Curiosity project scientist, Ashwin Vasavada, has said that the imagery taken by the robot is the "clearest evidence yet of ancient water ripples that formed within lakes."

The expert added: "This is the best evidence of water and waves that we’ve seen in the entire mission.

"We climbed through thousands of feet of lake deposits and never saw evidence like this – and now we found it in a place we expected to be dry."

Incredible photography from the surface of Mars has since given boffins a detailed look at the surface, where a shallow lake had previously been noted.

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That same location has since provided a clear piece of evidence for those hunting down the source of water on the surface of Mars.

Textures preserved in the "Marker Band" showed a standout piece of the rock's formation, with ripples and creases in the rock layer.

Those same layers, however, are far too thick to be drilled into as Curiosity has yet to deliver a sample after several attempts were made, with scientists now scouting around for softer rock, New York Post reported.

NASA also noted that they had found other pieces of evidence in the Gediz Vallis, a valley believed to have previously housed water on the surface of Mars.

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