National Grid power outage as hundreds of homes left without supply

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Hundreds of homes in England and Wales under the National Grid’s electricity distribution service have been left with no power this morning. Households in Staffordshire, West Midlands, Cornwall, Cardiff, and many others, who were previously under Western Power Distribution, have faced no energy supply on Friday morning. While these areas are now run by the National Grid’s electricity distribution service, these power cuts are unrelated to National Grid’s plan to issue three hour blackouts if energy supplies are low this winter. In many of these cases, the National Grid estimates that it will resolve the issue within hours. 

These power cuts took place in Staffordshire, West Midlands, Cornwall, Cardiff, Devon, Derbyshire, Shropshire, and Nottinghamshire, with over a hundred properties in Staffordshire alone being affected, according to poweroutage.

Customers living in these regions can find out if their post code has been affected by checking this Live Power cut map shared on the National Grid’s website.

The map shows that the largest cluster of power cuts is in the B37 post code district, which includes parts of Birmingham, Marston Green, Coleshill. The distributor noted that 90 properties have been left without power due to a “low voltage incident”. 

On their website, they wrote: “These incidents tend to be smaller, more localised and could be why some of your neighbours still have power.” They added that the problem should be resolved by 11:30 today. 


They also wrote: “If you are a vulnerable customer and need any extra support during this power cut, please contact us directly and our team will be able to help 0800 6783 105”.

Further north, 11 properties in Derby and 7 properties in Chesterfield also suffered from power cuts in the early hours of the day, having been reported at 5:17 am and 7:34 am respectively.

In both cases, the National Grid blamed it on a low voltage incident, adding that power should return by 10:00 am in Derby and 10:30 in Chesterfield.

Meanwhile, a cluster of 74 homes in Mansfield was left without power from 8:52 this morning, affecting the postcodes NG19 0BG, NG19 0BH, NG19 0BJ, NG19 0BQ, NG19 0ED.

Predicting that the supply would return at noon today, the National Grid wrote: “our engineers are working to get the power returned as quickly as possible. We are sorry for any inconvenience this is causing you.”

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