Naughty knitter makes £18,000-a-month crocheting massive ‘ugly’ six-foot penises

A naughty knitter is making a fortune with her giant willies and balls of wool.

Madily Hernandez rakes in up to £18,000 a month by crocheting the eye-catching 6ft members.

The 28-year-old created her first meat and two veg as a joke, but now sells bums and boobs as well.

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She said: “A friend sent me a meme of a crocheted penis as a laugh and I made one to surprise her. It was the ugliest penis I’ve ever seen, yet I received hundreds of messages from people wanting to order one.

“I’ve made many different designs, but one of the biggest is the 6ft penis that you can see on my Instagram.

“That one took me days to make because it was so heavy. I actually had to take some days off because holding the heavy shaft put my shoulder out.”

Madily’s 6ft woolly willies sell for £520, with body pillows at £150.

She added: “I have an option for discrete packaging on the website, but most people want them wrapping shaped like a penis.

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“I think it’s because most people give them as funny gifts so that’s why. But yeah, I get a lot of looks in the queue holding the packages.”

Madily, from California, recalled: “I used to get nasty comments on Instagram like, ‘Why would you make these?’ and, ‘What’s wrong with you?’

“Now my content only reaches my followers, who see the funny side.”


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