Nintendo fans think they've worked out when the Switch 2 will be out

Nintendo fans think they’ve worked out when the Switch 2 will be released

  • Rumours have sparked that the Nintendo switch will be released in late 2024
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A new report has revealed when gamers think the new Nintendo console will come out. 

The new games console has been dubbed the Switch 2 by fans who have eagerly awaited a new Nintendo console for years.  

The original switch came out in 2017 with the Lite model being released a couple years later and the OLED in 2021. 

And after much anticipation, rumours have surfaced that the Switch 2 is incoming. 

A new report has revealed when people think the new Nintendo console will come out, fans have been eagerly awaiting a new model for years

According to a new report by VGC, the company is likely to release new hardware during the second half of 2024 to ensure there is ample stock and to avoid shortages similar to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series XS. 

While the report sad that multiple people with knowledge of the next-generation console have estimated the date, specifics on the  Switch are being held close. 

Those VGC spoke hinted that the console would look similar in design to the Nintendo Switch, saying it would be portable. 

Two sources suggested that the console could launch with an LCD screen, instead of the premium OLED in an attempt to bring down costs. 

And, like the original, the new Nintendo console will accept physical games via a cartridge slot, according to the sources. 

It will supposedly have all the usual upgrades such as increased storage capacity, and better performance. 

Rumours have sparked that it will be released close to Christmas to drive up sales.  

According to the report the company may release new hardware during the second half of 2024 to ensure there is ample stock and to avoid shortages

So far, there is no news on how much the Nintendo Switch 2 will cost, but Nintendo’s products have often been competitively priced with it being just £279.99 when it was released in 2017.

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And, more than six years after the console debuted, the Nintendo switch seems to have no problem selling. According to Nikkei, Nintendo sold more units in June 2023 than it had for any previous June. 

Nikkei (via Stealth40k on Twitter) reported that the system sold 380,000 units in June, which is 68% higher than that of June 2022 in Japan.

The Switch 2 is just as anticipated by fans but, according to ReedPop’s head of games B2B, the biggest competitor Nintendo faces is itself. 

He explained: ‘Although its core fans are eager for more hardware, it’s more family-orientated ‘casual’ fans will need more convincing. What will the next Mario Kart offer that they’re currently not getting from the current one, for example.’

‘Nintendo has struggled to upgrade players in previous generations, so how it approaches things like digital libraries, the Nintendo Account and even backwards compatibility may prove crucial in the next system getting off to a strong start.’ 

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